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Custom Fitting:

Brand new custom fitting studio in association with Mc Guirks Golf. Have your golf clubs fitted to suit your game and see the rewards on getting your golf clubs fitted to your swing capabilities helping to maximize your golfing potential.

Custom fitting will benefit everybody and although its not a substitute for having lessons it is a vital part of the overall process of improving your golf game and lowering your handicap as it is providing you with clubs that are custom made to suit your swing capabilities, and keep bad shots to a minimum allowing you to concentrate on your swing and not worry about your equipment.

Custom fits generally take half an hour per item so if its irons or woods you want we can do that in a half hour period. If you decide to get both irons and woods fitted it is then advised that you book an hour in order to get the most from your custom fit experience. This process gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you can develop your golf swing and not have to worry about the suitability of your equipment.

Custom fits are €25.00 per half hour fitting.

(half hour is needed per item fitted,for woods and irons 1 hour will be needed)

Custom fits are available in both Celbridge and can also be done on Tuesday and Wednesday at Mc Guirks Golf in Blanchardstown, and can be booked by calling or e-mailing me:

Mc Guirks Golf Blanchardstown:01-8224444 or  

Fittings on Tuesday to Saturday in Blanchardstown only

David Rock:0871362875 or

For Fittings and lessons in Celbridge only

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